Please help

Please help
Two young Afghani brothers are sent by their parents to Europe in search of a better life. Over 4000km …walking! Could I even cover that distance with my running in a year? No way! But via Run4Refugees Tom and I together are hoping to do it in less than six months. Your donations go straight to these two brothers and others like them in need. Please support us…and them!
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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Where are you? Wo bist du?

The Cover Photo of both our Blog and Facebook site was taken by Massimo Sestini of a dangerously overloaded boat of refugees 20 miles off the Libyan coast on June 7, 2014. There is currently a project underway to trace back some of the people in the boat, to find out where they are now, and hear what they have experienced since being rescued. If you were on that boat, or you recognize anyone, please make contact ( and tell your story.  

Many thanks to Massimo for giving Run4Refugees free use of this award-winning photo -- Grazie Mille!!!

Das Cover-Photo unsere Facebookseite und auf unserem Blog wurde am 07. Juni 2014 vor der Küste Libyens von Massimo Sestini aufgenommen. Nun hat Massimo eine Aktion gestartet, um mit allen Flüchtlingen aud diesem Boot Kontakt herzustellen, und deren Geschichte zu erzählen.
Solltest Du irgendjemanden kennen, der auf diesen Photo abgebildet ist oder abgebildet sein könnte, kontaktiere Massimo unter

Wir möchten uns an dieser Stelle bei Massimo bedanken, der unsere Aktion unterstützt, in dem er uns sein, mittlerweile  weltweit bekannt und prämierte, Photo kostenlos für Run4Refugees zu Verfügung stellt -- Grazie Mille!!!

Mare Nostrum, 2014, von Massimo Sestini