Please help

Please help
Two young Afghani brothers are sent by their parents to Europe in search of a better life. Over 4000km …walking! Could I even cover that distance with my running in a year? No way! But via Run4Refugees Tom and I together are hoping to do it in less than six months. Your donations go straight to these two brothers and others like them in need. Please support us…and them!
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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Ice Hockey with the Refugee Kids

Stadium Tour

Last night I had the opportunity to go to an EVR Regensburg ice hockey game with some of the refugees from the Thomas-Wiser Youth Home, two of their caregivers, the head of the Thoma-Wiser-Haus as well as my entire family! I was so happy to finally have my family meet the kids from the home, so that they could see for themselves the reason that I have recently donated so much time and effort in concentrating on the Run4Refugees project.
And it was so much fun!

We met Alex and Armin Wolf two hours before the game and they gave us a VIP tour of the Donau Arena. Along the way we got to meet the Trainer of the team, some of the players, the stadium announcer and the press speaker for the team. We then all gathered by the concession stand and gorged on French fries and Coke while watching the teams warm up. I think the teens were thrilled but totally overwhelmed…their German is not yet 100% and most of them had never seen an ice hockey game before. But by the time it was over they were all completely won over! The end score was 7-1 in favor of Regensburg and we all went nuts every time our team scored and the announcer had us all repeating the score and the “Danke…Bitte”…after his prompting. 
Warm-up in Tracht

And despite the language and culture barriers my kids bonded with them right from the start and laughed throughout the night with them.

Every time I get together with this group it strengthens my belief in the Run4Refugees Project!

I hope you will believe in it too!

And if you do....PLEASE DONATE! If you don't, who will?

And Veda was there too!!!!!